Our biobank stores blood and tissue samples donated in the course of clinical research projects. This collection of samples is a particularly valuable source for biomedical research. 

In conjunction with clinical data on disease progression, retrospective examinations performed on biomaterial samples can provide answers to fundamental questions in basic breast cancer research. 

As with almost everything, time is of the essence in breast cancer research and therapy. Thanks to our GBG biobank, we can respond swiftly to international research findings and use biomaterial donations to establish why, for example, a specific patient cohort benefits more than others from a particular therapy. In this way, we aim to promote a better understanding of disease mechanisms and to accelerate the individualization of cancer therapies. 

The GBG Biobank is based at two locations:


GBG tumor bank 
The tumor bank is where tissue samples are stored. This is also where the central pathological examination of tumor samples from GBG studies is performed. 

Director of the institute: Prof. Dr. Carsten Denkert 
UKGM Universitätsklinikum Marburg 
Institut für Pathologie 
35043 Marburg 

GBG cryobank 
The cryobank is for storing frozen biomaterials, such as blood, blood components, urine and feces samples. BioKryo is a certified service provider specializing in cryostorage, with many years of experience in handling human biomaterial. 


Zinzinger Str. 34 

General Manager: Dr. Vincent von Walcke-Wulffen