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Translational research and biobanks

Oncological translational research represents the interface between clinical and experimental science. It allows basic research findings to be applied in clinical practice; at the same time, clinical questions arising from breast cancer therapy can be relayed back to scientists.

Translational research projects are aimed at enhancing our scientific knowledge and thus gaining a better understanding of what causes breast cancer and how the disease develops. We endeavour to validate and identify biological markers in order to achieve an improved prognosis for tumour patients. The ultimate aim is to make a tailor-made therapy available to every patient. Our translational research is also intended to assist in the development of new targeted cancer drugs and diagnostic tests.

Biological materials managed at the German Breast Group’s central biobanks

Trials conducted by the German Breast Group are accompanied by translational research projects which are expanded in stages. Subject to the patient’s consent, our researchers take biological samples, such as blood and tumour tissue, which are then stored at a central biobank or used for immediate analysis.

The German Breast Group’s central biobanks ensure that samples are stored and managed in accordance with standard guidelines. Together with a number of national and international scientific research partners, we examine biological materials within the context of our scientific projects.

Should you be interested in collaborating with us, please fill in the Cooperation Proposal Form and send it to: TrFgbgd.

Our “Guidelines for Biomarker Projects“ describe the structure and the responsibilities of a typical collaboration project from GBG’s point of view.


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Bärbel Felder, Project Coordinator Translational Research

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