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MedCODES ("Medical CRF Online Documentation & Evaluation System“) is the webbased documentations system (eCRF) of the GBG.

Registered users can access MedCODES here.

New users are usually registered via the study.
The user agreement required for registration can be downloaded here.


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Marvin is another web-based documentation system (eCRF) of the GBG.

The access to Marvin is always study specific. The Marvin link to your study is provided on the GBG study page in the protected area.

New users are usually registered through the study. The User Agreements will be provided by eMail as link and electronically signed by you. For your records you will receive a pdf of the User Agreement by eMail.

In principal it is also possible to use the download version (see above MedCODES) for registration in Marvin, but GBG prefers the electronic version.

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