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The strong staff team at the GBG

The team at GBG Forschungs GmbH is composed of members of staff from a wide range of professions guaranteeing a high level of specialisation within the research institute. Staff numbers have risen considerably owing to the increasing number of projects. Today, our team consists of more than 100 members of staff, most of whom work at our Neu-Isenburg site. GBG Forschungs GmbH also has staff based in Berlin, Bochum, Bamberg, Hanover and Jena.

The gynaecologists, oncologists, biologists, biometricians, data managers, IT experts, medical documentation specialists, pharmacists, project assistants and administrative staff at GBG Forschungs GmbH possess extensive expertise and wide-ranging skills thanks to their educational backgrounds and training. This diversity is of key importance for the successful implementation of our trials.


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