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German Breast Group (study group)

The German Breast Group is an academic collaborative study group founded in 1981 by Prof. Walter Jonat, Prof. Manfred Kaufmann, Prof. Fred Kubli and Prof. Heinrich Maass. Today, its members include over 1,000 physicians from more than 550 study centres. We currently hold clinical data from around 55,000 breast cancer patients, and every year more than 3,500 new patients are recruited to trials conducted by the German Breast Group.

Research aimed at more effective breast cancer therapies

The research conducted by the members of the German Breast Group is aimed at identifying more effective breast cancer therapies. This firstly involves developing innovative new therapy concepts. In addition, we optimise existing therapy regimes in terms of side-effect management and long-term survival. Our trials cover phases I-IV: preoperative drug therapy, operative therapy, postoperative adjuvant therapy and chronic palliative therapy. In addition, our members investigate preventive methods for women with an increased risk of breast cancer. In order to ensure efficient coordination and an optimal exchange of expertise, physicians are allocated to sub-boards within the German Breast Group.

Extensive interdisciplinary member network

Most of our clinical investigators work at gynaecological centres such as university clinics, general hospitals, and specialist medical practices. In addition, increasing numbers of gynaecological and medical oncologists are also participating in our trials, thus contributing valuable interdisciplinary knowledge to our trial concepts. An official application for membership is not necessary – every physician taking part in our trials automatically becomes a member of the German Breast Group.

Broad-based research approaches aimed at precise trial results

Through participating in numerous collaborative trials, we aim to promote professional discourse and networking among medical experts. Many of our clinical investigators also take part in research projects conducted by other study groups, some of which are headed by members of our sub-boards – thus establishing even closer links between trial results. Moreover, owing to the fact that our trials are widely accessible and involve modern, targeted therapy approaches, we are able to achieve high recruitment figures despite patient cohorts being increasingly restricted by molecular profiling.


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