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Facts and figures about the GBG and important milestones in its history

GBG Forschungs GmbH has progressed very successfully since its foundation in 2003. The ever-increasing numbers of trial participants, study centres and clinical investigators are evidence of the important role played by the German Breast Group in national and international breast cancer research. Over the years, the cooperation network with international partners has also been expanded, and additional fields of research have become established within the German Breast Group.

2002 Start of the largest neoadjuvant breast cancer study: GeparTrio
GeparTrio, now including more than 2,358 trial participants, is the largest neoadjuvant trial conducted by the GBG.

2003 Foundation of GBG Forschungs GmbH
Prof. Dr. Gunter von Minckwitz founds GBG Forschungs GmbH as a legal basis for the German Breast Group.

2004 First international GBG studies: TBP
TBP is the first trial to be conducted in cooperation with international partners under the leadership of the GBG.

2004 Full-service academic research organisation (ARO)
Based on the services it provides, GBG Forschungs GmbH qualifies as an academic research organisation.

2005 Cooperation with the University Hospital Charité
The GBG increasingly undertakes studies in cooperation with strong partners, starting with Germany’s largest university hospital, the Charité in Berlin.

2008 Foundation of the Translational Research Sub-board
The Translational Research Sub-board is founded, thus expanding the basic breast cancer research carried out by the GBG.

2013 10,000 patients in neoadjuvant studies
This year sees the number of patients recruited to the GBG’s neoadjuvant trials increase to 10,000.

2014 First worldwide GBG study: Penelope
Penelope is the first trial to be conducted under the leadership of the GBG in which patients from four different continents participate.

2015 Establishment of a professional biobank
The GBG initiates a study-related biobank, which today contains samples from over 35,000 patients.


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